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International Desk - Connecting your business to the World

Offer of value to a foreign company

Find the support and advice you need for your international business through the International Desk of Banco Santander.

Santander, as a model of business diversification, is offering its clients all its service experience by developing the International Desk.

The mission of the International Desk - Argentina

If you want to establish a subsidiary in Argentina or to start looking for international business in this market, you will have the personal attention of a professional team that will guide you on how best to conduct business with Argentine counterparts or set yourself up in the country.

How can the International Desk help you?

  • By offering you specific products and services for foreign investors and access to one of the more than 300 support offices according to the location of your business in Argentina.

What can you expect from the International Desk?

  • Information prior to taking a decision on the most important aspects to consider regarding foreign investment in Argentina (macroeconomic data, the financial system, incentives, business environment, etc..)
  • Reports on doing business in Argentina.
  • Advice from Santander on banking and exchange regulations set by the Central Bank of Argentina and on legal aspects such as exchange control for companies who wish to make direct investments in the country or Import/Export transactions.
  • A value-added network of law firms, accounting practices, customs experts, carriers/freight forwarders, chambers of commerce, development agencies and Embassies
  • Information, if available, on business opportunities in the country provided by official Agencies.

Offer of value in products and services from Santander

Basic welcome pack consisting of:

  • Current account in pesos (ARS) with chequebook which, with appropriate permission, is allowed to be overdrawn. (A non-resident account is not possible)
  • Special current account in Argentine pesos (ARS) without chequebook (not allowed to be overdrawn)
  • Santander card for inquiries and deposits at ATMs
  • Santander card with debit function at no cost to the first holder
  • Credit proposal subject to the safeguards established by the Bank's Risk Department
  • Transaction Services:
    • Receipt = Products or services related to the receipt of funds through the various channels involving cash revenue to the coffers of the Bank, which remain on the current account until the customer gives instructions for their use. Examples: Interactive receipt - electronic receipts.
    • Payments = Products or services related to the outflow of funds from the accounts of the company. Provides efficiency and security in the professional management of payments. Examples: direct payment - Banelco deposits - Payment to suppliers - Interactive payments
    • Salary Plan - Payroll - Salary Payment: Accreditation service for salaries to employees of the company or professional service fees of the company, including expatriates and executives. In all cases it includes a debit card.
    • Santander Electronic Banking - Business
    • International Business Operations:
      • Letters of credit
      • Documentary receipts
      • Guarantees under Stand-by Letter of Credit (SBLC)
      • Reporting requirements set by the Central Bank of Argentina
      • Unified account summary for all the products the client owns
      • Bimonthly catalogue of offers and benefits.

Access points of the "Superclub" program which offers prizes from a catalogue.

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