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Local business banking services

Business Account

Greater credit and ease of operation in your operations

Santander Business is a set of services designed specifically to meet the competitive demands of your company and the market: A current peso account with standard and deferred payment cheques plus a special current account for legal persons that pays interest on the balances.

Personalised attention

You will have a Business Officer providing a customised service for all your needs and helping you in taking decisions for the benefit of your business.

The most convenient way to operate

You choose the method that you are most comfortable with:
On the Internet, from anywhere in the world, around the clock every day of the year, through Online Business Banking, with the security and comfort that this medium provides.

From your telephone through Super Line, the automatic bank of Santander which enables you to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In your branch with the personal attention you deserve or, if you prefer, at the counter.

Santander Messaging and Announcements Service

You will receive in your e-mail all the information related to your current account: Balance, movements, bounced cheques, etc..

Río Santander Enquiry and Deposit Card

You will have two Santander Cheque and Deposit cards to use at ATMs. One so that the employee can perform queries and deposits and the other in your name that also allows you to make transfers between accounts of the company.

Debit Card

You will receive a Banelco (*)debit card which you can use to get discounts and exclusive benefits, pay for your purchases and withdraw money without charge at Banelco ATMs of Santander. It also allows you to make transfers between company accounts.

Operations that you can perform:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Payments to suppliers and third parties
  • Banelco ATM transactions.

(*) Product only available for accounts whose holder is a legal entity operating as a single or indistinct entity

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Agro Account

With the functions that the agricultural sector requires

This unique service provides a Current Account in pesos, dollars Current Account in Dollars for Legal Entities and a Saving Account in Dollars for Individuals. (**)

Debit Card

You will receive a Banelco (*)debit card which you can use to get discounts and exclusive benefits, pay for your purchases and withdraw money without charge at Banelco ATMs of Santander. It also allows you to make transfers between company accounts.

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Institutions Account

You can choose the most convenient way to collect membership fees, duties or contributions.

Specially designed for legal entities that do not have the format of a joint stock company, such as Colleges or Universities, Foundations and Civil Associations, Mutuals and Unions, Clubs, Embassies, Churches and Dioceses, etc..
Entities receiving donations can have an account for each campaign, so as to maintain orderly accounting and obtain daily interest on the balance.

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Short-Term Financing

The best backup approach for your business

Transactions with Cheques

Access in advance to receipts from your forward sales

In Trading Companies, one of the most widespread forms of the collection of bills is receiving cheques from their customers. However, administration and collection management requires a significant effort with the deployment of administrative personnel involving costs extraneous to the commercial activity.

In order to reduce these costs, Santander provides financing for its receivables: by discounting client cheques or simply the administration and collection of these amounts, with significant benefits for your company.

Working Capital Finance

The Santander support offering has a proposal for your project

If your company is considering extending the terms of its accounts payable, purchasing additional stock of materials or goods, launching an advertising campaign or otherwise planning to grow, Santander provides separate funding for each project linked to its need for commercial circulation.

This allows your company to set a maximum amount up to which its overdrawn cheques will be payable. In this way, you have the convenience and flexibility to make your payments without worrying about the balance of funds. The agreement is secured for a predetermined period with the Bank and interest is paid only on the capital used. The interest rate is lower than the overdraft rate.

Repayable SME loans (in equal and consecutive instalments)

Your company can draw down a fixed sum to be returned in instalments (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, etc.) that are calculated on the French redemption system. Since the instalments are equal, you can organise the revenue flow of your business. The interest rate is fixed and less than the rate of Current and Giro Account Overdraft Agreements.

Single Signature in instalments (Loans with decreasing instalments)

Your company gets the payment of a lump sum, which it will return in instalments (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, etc.) that are calculated on the German depreciation system (decreasing instalments) with the advantage that, as you redeem the instalments, interest on the next instalment becomes lower because the balance of the debt is less. Thus, as the periods pass, the effort to return the loan becomes less. The interest rate is fixed and is less than the rate of Current and Giro Account Overdraft Agreements.

Financial Variable Rate Loan*

This variable rate peso credit line, secured or unsecured, allows your company to have alternative options when applying for funding.


  • Used to finance Working Capital and/or Investment Projects
  • Amortizing or bullet loans under the French or German redemption system
  • Periodic or sub periodic variable rate interest payment

(*) Subject to credit approval by Santander.

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Medium Term Financing

Financing Research and Development Projects

Santander provides a new financial alternative for your company to improve the processes of production and processing of raw materials or incorporate knowledge for their improvement or standardisation.

The R&D Financing Loan is intended to: allow you to finance projects involving the acquisition or incorporation of new technologies, use of consultancy services, incorporation of knowledge that brings value to the company, etc.., to be developed jointly with an Institution of Higher Education (Tertiary or University) or some other directly related Entity.

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Long-Term Financing

The best backup approach for your business


Through Santander Leasing you can access all types of depreciable capital assets comprising the assets of your company. In Santander you will find the widest and most comprehensive range of capital goods available in the market

Real Estate Projects


This type of financing is provided for residential, corporate or commercial projects.

  • National coverage
  • Comprehensive assistance for project financial structuring
  • Collection system for the collection of fees
  • Online Super Mortgage for the final buyer

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Collection Services

Comfort and efficiency for you and your customers

Electronic Collection

This service consists in receiving payments from your customers in our network of branches and collection centres. To do this, we use specially designed ballots, so that your company has complete and detailed information allowing you to perform the correct allocation of the data, collect in a quick and easy manner and facilitate automatic reconciliation.

Interactive Collection

This service allows your company to publish on the Internet through Santander the business current account of your customers, who can select the invoice they wish to settle, without any possibility of error and without the need for printing and the issue of deposit slips.

Direct Payment

Carry out your collection by debits to the accounts of your customers, regardless of the bank with which they are operating.

All customers who operate current accounts, savings accounts or salary accounts can pay your company's invoices directly by requesting a debit to your account. Santander handles collection from all banks in the system through the National Payments System.

Río Santander Deposit Cards

Enabling its customers to pay for their products or services is the best way to ensure optimum collection. This service consists of the issue and distribution of Santander Deposit cards, whose sole function is to make cash and cheque deposits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in all ATMs of the Banelco Network. Each card is identified with a unique and different number, so that you can recognise each depositor.

Armoured Truck

Through this service, your business can move cash and/or securities through leading carriers in confidence of the maximum security. Santander offers you the possibility of finding solutions that meet the needs of your company or alternatively you can choose any of the present services:

Custody of Deferred Payment Cheques

This service enables the collection centres of your company to deliver "deferred payment cheques" to the nearest branch of Santander, which will be guarded and administered until maturity, at which time the Bank will deposit them on the current account of your company.

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Payments Services

Payment to Suppliers

Our payment service to suppliers allows you to outsource the payment loop from your company, combining the traditional functionalities of payment to suppliers with the latest technological advances in mobility, management, transmission and distribution of orders.

Based on an electronic order given by your company through Online Banking Cash Management or the Web Service, the Bank issues and payments to all suppliers payments, withholding taxes and settlements anywhere in the country through the private email address of the supplier in commercial mailing offices or in the Supplier Payment Centre of Santander.

Additionally, your company can track the status of payments through Online Banking Cash Management or the Web Service.

Interactive Payments

This service allows you to view and pay bills and/or commercial documents due and published by a particular supplier, allowing your company to manage its payments and to track them from a special module of Online Banking.

You can also make payments on Electronic Collection Plus agreements via the Internet, debiting your Santander account, without having to approach a branch.

Local Transfers

  • Immediate transfers

Immediate Transfer for operations over Internet channels for companies, SMEs and Agro businesses of Santander and ATMs in both pesos and dollars.

  • National payment systems (SNP) transfer

This is the movement of funds originated by companies between different banks, on which the payer mandates a debit on his account to credit the amount to the beneficiary's account. The clearance deadline for these transfers can be from 24 hours to 120 hours and settlement is performed only in pesos.

  • Electronic payments medium (MEP)

By using this tool, your company can make transfers between own and third party accounts in pesos in Santander or other network affiliated banks, through the Central Bank of Argentina.

Customs Payments

Santander offers you the facility to make your Customs Payments over the Internet. This solution, aimed at importers and/or customs brokers, allows you to pay within seconds, without leaving your office, while always controlling the whole process and the possibility of collecting the goods on the day.

The payment is in the nature of a deposit at the shipper's warehouse, who will assign it to the settlement of one or more shipments. The funds are temporarily held in an account of Customs at the National Bank until the forwarder, connected to the Maria System, allocates the payment to a specific office.

Payments of the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenues)

With the AFIP PAYMENTS service, you can submit your tax return and make payment of taxes and social security charges to the AFIP in minutes over the Internet without leaving your office.

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Santander Cards

Santander SME Cards allow you to make and comprehensively manage all purchases and business expenses, with access to all the discounts and benefits of Santander Cards and all establishments affiliated to Visa on any basis.

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Santander Salaries Plan

Santander Salaries Plan offers, from the start, only benefits for your company and your employees.

  • Streamlines salary settlement via the Internet.
  • Optimises cash management by not having to mobilise it to pay salaries.
  • Your employees get more savings and discounts on purchases. They can access more credit and better funding.

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