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How to establish your business in Argentina?

Answer 1: When starting your business in Argentina, you can choose to establish a branch of a foreign company, take a holding in an existing company or create a new company.

What are the standard registration requirements for the registration of companies in Argentina?

Answer 2: Registration of commercial companies in Argentina does handled by the appropriate Public Commercial Register. In the case of the City of Buenos Aires, the organisation and activities of the Public Commercial Register are the responsibility of the General Inspectorate of the Courts (IGJ).

Is it possible to open an account for a business NON- Resident in Argentina?

Answer 3: According to the current rules of the BCRA (Central Bank of Argentina) it is NOT permitted to open accounts for NON-Residents.

Can a Resident company open a bank account in local currency?

Answer 4: Yes. The account will be denominated in $ arg (Argentine pesos). The commitment to the Bank will be established through the account opening, which will be implemented exclusively for operation in local currency.

Can a Resident company open a special current account in USD - United States Dollars?

Answer 5: Opening a special current account in dollars is only possible if the company has a previously opened account in Pesos ($ ARG).

Is the Signature of the account opening contract require physical presence?

Answer 6: YES. The Business Officer of the Branch/Office of Santander will verify the documentation received against the original documents and validate, on that single occasion, the signature of the account holders present in person by checking their data against the required documentation.

Can the non-resident company operate through a local proxy?

Answer 7: YES. According to the BCRA (Banco Central de la República Argentina) the proxy must be duly authorised by the relevant articles of association and have powers to operate the account. In turn, he must also have a tax identification key (CDI) and submit his identity document in Argentina.

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