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International Desk



The International Desk (ID) supports you in your investments by helping you to establish and accompanying you during your growth through...

  • personal attention, treating you in the host country like a client known from the start, with access to the full range of Santander bank products,
  • an offer of specific products and services for foreign investors
  • coordination between your account managers in each country, and
  • in general, access to the external network of high-value Santander contacts in each country: law firms and agencies, customs authorities, etc..

Scale of Santander in the National Market

Banco Santander Chile is present in major cities, areas of development and strategic markets for the Group's projection in Chile.

We have the most extensive network of branches in the country, with more than 500 branches from Arica to Punta Arenas, supplemented by more than 2,000 ATMs and Super Cash centres.

  • We have one of the most advanced Electronic Banking services in the market
  • We create employment for more than 12,000 professionals
  • We serve over 2.9 million clients

General Description of ID Services Offered

Foreign companies which are already installed in Chile, or start their local establishment process, can rely on a special service, which translates into significant support and assistance from Banco Santander Chile on everything related to their local banking needs.

ASK ID is a new tool available in 13 countries* where the Santander Bank is present, this allows you to schedule a "virtual meeting" through a video conference or conference call with the representative of International Desk in the country where you are planning to invest/establish your business without having the need to travel to the country of destination.  Your business manager / International Desk Specialist in the country of origin will be responsible for scheduling the virtual meeting and taking you along in the process.

  • Multilingual support
  • Ease of the account opening process
  • Advice on banking regulation specificities and local customs
  • Business guides:
    • Investment incentives
    • Public tenders
    • Forums/commercial events

Brief descriptin of local offer services for business

Banco Santander is always thinking of the needs of your company and offers a range of financial products for you to internationalise your business:

  • Current Account
  • Electronic Banking
  • Payroll (Expatriates)

Under agreements with government institutions and local businesses, we assist you with access to special lines of promotion available for foreign investment, both for foreign companies coming to settle in Chile and for those who have recently started their operations in the country.

In turn, Banco Santander will help you with contacts in its local network, such as Law Firms, Tax Advisers, Specialist Consultants and the Organization of Missions and Business Forums, so that your company has the best and largest investment opportunities abroad.

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*Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Uruguay, and USA.

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