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International Desk

International Desk for investors

Formed by a specialized team within the International Business department, they will guide you in each step of the way, whether it is through the third party network or with Bank of Shanghai’s local expertise in the available financial products. Their main purpose is to:

  • Coordinate the connection with your local Santander Advisor to ensure your needs are understood in China
  • Facilitate a personalized and multilingual attention, you will feel at home from the very first moment
  • Ensure the quality of the service provided by all the participants is of excellence
  • And, if you are a future Santander client, connect you with any other Santander in the world and their international department, in order to ensure your needs are known beforehand

Lastly, Santander and Bank of Shanghai are members of the IBOS Association, an international banking Alliance focused on providing treasury solutions to their clients.

For more information, choose one of Santander's major locations: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Poland, Chile, Brazil, Germany, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, United States, Uruguay and Puerto Rico, China, Morocco and UAE.

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