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International Desk Germany

Santander in Germany

Strongly positioned for you

  • Approximately 5.9 million customers in Germany.
  • Among the top 5 private banks in Germany according to the number of customers.
  • Nationwide we provide competent service in 313 branches.
  • Market leader in goods financing, consumer loans and manufacturer-independent car and motorcycle financing.
  • 324 Branches and >3.000 ATMs

International Desk for Foreign Investors

The Santander International Desk team is your network for business success abroad, works to support you in expanding your business into new countries, direct access to our partners, products and services across the Santander global network. as well as providing valuable insight using extensive local market knowledge, including details of the local macroeconomic, financial, and business environment. In each of the 16 markets where Santander provides corporate banking solutions, we have multilingual teams dedicated to helping clients establish their business or expand their presence further.

Description of general ID services offered

  • Your local santander corporate relationship manager. Support for your business (such as subsidiaries) with bank products and services in the santander core markets.
  • Local contacts and intermediaries. Support for your existing business abroad as well as for the establishment of new subsidiaries dedicated to new business.
  • A network of third-party partners, including local accountants and lawyers, embassies and chambers of commerce, are available through your international desk team.
  • Offering you information on Santander products and services to support international expansion.
  • Opening accounts and simplifying processes that may otherwise be difficult.
  • Providing ongoing relationship banking.

ASK ID is a new tool available in 13 countries* where the Santander Bank is present, this allows you to schedule a "virtual meeting" through a video conference or conference call with the representative of International Desk in the country where you are planning to invest/establish your business without having the need to travel to the country of destination. Your business manager / International Desk Specialist in the country of origin will be responsible for scheduling the virtual meeting and taking you along in the process.

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*Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Uruguay, and USA.

Discover Santander international services

  • Local support
  • Globally connected
  • Multilingual
  • Simplifying international processes