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Local services of Santander Germany

Bank Accounts

  • Residents and non residents accounts (Corporate Star) for payments & collections (EUR, USD, GBP, MXN, CHF, PLN and CNH).

Electronic Banking

  • Partnership with the FinTech Business Logics (EBICS Client Frontend Service provider, tools available in german and English).
  • EBICS connectivity (German standard for integration with Electronic banking systems, Treasury tools or ERP systems) Long term loans (Mortgages, investment financing).

Cash Management

  • Saving accounts, deposits, investments (funds).
  • SEPA direct debits (Debtor and Creditor services)
  • Customers’ incoming payments in a single account.
  • Incoming SEPA Credit Transfers
  • Urgent Payments (Treasury payments), SEPA Same Day Valeu Payments
  • Credit Cards (Individual for SME Clients)
  • Petty Cash Services: Cash handling services / armored / Through Cash Transportation service provider
  • Deposits (EUR)
  • POS through Card Payment Service provider.

Payments types

  • Payrolls also through DATEV (external service provider for Corporate Customers): Salary payments.
  • Tax payments
  • Electronic Banking, file transfer or report (pain 001 or 008 respectively international currency payments)
  • Checks.


  • Working capital lines (Overdraft, Short term loans).
  • Medium Term and Long term investment financing.
  • Public development loans (KfW and NRW Bank)
  • (Syndicated) Commercial Real Estate Financing.
  • Currency available: EUR

Trade Finance

  • Import and Export Collections:
    • Documents Against payment (D/P)
    • Documents against payment undertaking (instead of documents against acceptance).
    • Currencies available: EUR, USD
  • Import and Export Letter of Credits:
    • All features are available
    • Currencies available: EUR, USD
  • Export Letter of Credits:
    • Advising and handling, confirmation and discount (upcoming product capability)
  • Trade loans (Pre-export finance, post-import finance) - (EUR)
  • National & International Guarantees and Sureties:
    • Direct / Indirect
    • Currency available: EUR


  • Time deposits
  • Repurchase agreements
  • Government Bills
  • Money market funds
  • Mutual funds

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