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Is it possible to give the company access and transaction passwords to use Electronic Banking from abroad?

It is possible. According to the request of the client, it can be sent a password for access and a card with details for web operations.

If so, what is the process for agreeing and receiving passwords?

The process is as follows:

  • The client sends the bank the Banking Office contract and Annex 1 completed and signed by the Legal Representatives
  • SAN Peru verifies that the documents are correct (signature validation and powers) and proceeds to generate passwords and detail cards. Thereafter, the bank sends these 2 access passwords personally to each user.

If the client wants to add more users to the system, it is necessary to submit a new Annex 1, indicating the new person who wants to register for Office Banking. Conversely, if it is desired to delete a user, it is necessary to send a letter signed by the Legal Representatives for the cancellation of the user.

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