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International Desk

Local Services

Commercial Accounts

  • Cash management Account
  • Commercial Savings Accounts

Cash Management Structured Accounts; Zero Balance Accounts with Cash Concentration Accounts/Investment


Cash Management System

  • Balance Report Module
  • Balance & Transaction Report
  • Balance History report
  • Stop Payment Module
  • Controlled Disbursement Service
  • Book Transfer Module- On Line Real Time
  • Wire Transfer Module
    • Repetitive/Non Repetitive
    • Domestic and International
    • In US Dollars and Foreign Exchange
  • Tokens
  • ACH Module
  • E- Statement Module- Bank Statements, Corporate Credit Card Statements
  • Global Viewer Module- Images Modules can provide up to 1 year of images, deposit tickets images and checks deposited
  • MT 940


Direct debit through ACH

  • Retail Lock Box
  • Wholesale Lock Box
  • Branches collections
  • Pago Express- Internet & Pay by Phone System
  • POS


  • Checks
  • ACH
  • Wire Transfers
  • Confirming· Cash Pooling (local)

Reconciliation Services

  • Partial reconciliation
  • Full reconciliation
  • Deposit Reconciliation
  • CD Rom- Paid Checks Images

Fraud Prevention

  • Clearing Positive Pay

Depository Services     

  • Vault Operation
  • Night & Special Deposits through Vault and Banco Santander Branches

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