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International Desk


It is a set of services aimed at Spanish companies that combines:

  • Financing
  • Currency and risk hedges
  • Support for transactional management
  • Training, legal and tax advice
  • Information and preferential access to customs service, freight and transport insurance companies
  • Strategy and competitive intelligence, with access to market research, international tenders
  • International debt recovery
  • Support from an International Business Specialist.

How can I get better information on the products and services offered by the EXPORT PLAN?

Through the International Business specialists, either by an arranged visit or by contacting the office of the specialist in the area of influence where your company is located.

How can I arrange such products of EXPORT PLAN as freight forwarding, customs agents, international transport insurance, CESCE...?

The International Business Specialist will provide a list of the contact persons of each company, which will take you straight to the point which relates to EXPORT PLAN.

How am I an EXPORT PLAN client?

You are part of EXPORT PLAN to the simple fact of being a client of Banco Santander and completing your international transactions through our offices.

What is the additional cost of using the services of partner companies of the Export Plan?

No costs, only benefits. Banco Santander has agreed with each of these companies that they have to offer preferential information and terms to clients of the Export Plan.

If I want to set up abroad and Banco Santander operates in the relevant country, what advantages do I have from working with this group?

The International Business Specialist will provide, through our International Desk, the necessary contacts for you to receive personal attention in the host country as a client known from the start, with access to the complete product range of Banco Santander. Obviously with coordination between your account managers in each country.

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