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How can I request an International Payment?

We would encourage customers to use our online banking tool - Santander Online Corporate Banking - but it is also possible to submit instructions via fax. For customers with very high volumes of international payments, we can also offer a Secure File Transfer Protocol solution.

In which currencies can I make and receive payments?

We are able to process international payments in the following currencies: Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Icelandic Krona, Indian Rupee, Japanese Yen, Moroccan Dirham, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Philippine Peso, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, US Dollar, Swiss Franc, Thai Baht and UAE Dirham.

What is Supplier Payments?

Supplier Payments is a service which uses the financial strength of the client to provide an alternative source of affordable finance to their suppliers, some of whom may be SME's, thereby allowing the client to manage their working capital more effectively or to negotiate trade discounts with their suppliers. Santander have been offering the Supplier Payments service (also known as "Confirming" in Spain) for over 20 years and are working with over 200,000 companies globally. Santander offer a fully managed implementation process and can offer bespoke supplier engagement support to maximise the success of the program.

How does Supplier Payments work?

Clients simply advise us of invoices which they have approved for payment. We then notify their supplier that their invoice is available to be paid ahead of the trade terms that the client has negotiated with them. The supplier can choose to either wait until the agreed payment date or to have the payment made early, ahead of terms. If the supplier chooses to receive payment early, we deduct a small amount (known as a ‘discount’) from the invoice value paid to the supplier - however the amount of the discount is significantly less than with traditional forms of supply chain finance.

I have found a potential overseas buyer for my goods. How can I make sure I get paid?

The best way for you to be sure you get paid is to have your buyer ask their bank to open a Letter of Credit in your favour and have this advised to you through ourselves. This provides a guarantee of payment from your buyer’s bank if you deliver the trade documents listed in the Letter of Credit.

I have secured a great contract to supply goods to a company overseas but am worried about my cashflow and financial ability to fulfil the order. Can you help?

This is an issue faced by many companies when opportunities such as this arise. Our ability to look into and understand the details of the end-to-end transaction often enables us to leverage this knowledge and associated transaction controls to ease the impact on any existing finance lines you may have in place. This approach can enable you to progress such opportunities with confidence.

I want to go for a construction opportunity in Germany. What support can Santander provide?

You may be one of several businesses biding or tendering for this opportunity and the buyer will probably want some assurance that you have the necessary financial baking to undertake the project. Santander can provide this a wide range of Bonds and Guarantees in such circumstances such as Bid Bonds, Tender Bonds, Performance Bonds.

How can The International Desk help my business?

The International Desk can help your business expand into new countries and help you access the Santander global network. In each of the 14 markets where Santander provides corporate banking solutions, we have multilingual teams dedicated to helping clients establish their business or expand their presence further. The International Desks are located in: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and USA.

What information can the International Desk provide me?

The International Desk can help you in getting direct access to the right people, products and services across the Santander global network, as well as providing valuable insight using extensive local market knowledge, including details of the local macroeconomic, financial, and business environment.

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