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International Desk for Foreign Investors


The International Desk team works to support your business expansion into new countries and gives you access to the Santander Global Network. In each of the 16 markets where the Santander Group provides corporate banking solutions, we have multilingual teams dedicated to assisting clients establish their business overseas or expand their international operations further. Our International Desk gives straight access to a team of experienced professionals and to a broad array of products and services across the Santander global network. Our team members count with a local insight acquired through an extensive market knowledge, which includes a valuable familiarity with the local macroeconomics, and the financial and business environment.

Weight of Santander in the US market

Santander Bank, N.A. (“Santander”) consists of five main operating businesses with more than 14,800 employees. Santander operates financially independent subsidiary model in terms of capital and liquidity.

  1. Santander Bank (Northeast US):
    • Retail and commercial banking
    • Among the top 25 bank in the US (1) with presence in Connecticut, Delaware, Massachussets, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.
    • Santander Bank has more than 700 branches conveniently located all across its national footprint and employs more than 8,800 qualified professionals. (1)Based on total assets as of December 31, 2012.
  2. Banco Santander (New York City):
    • Wholesale Commercial Banking
    • Santander Investments Securities Inc. – Institutional Broker Dealer
  3. Santander Consumer USA (Dallas, TX):
    • Consumer Finance (Indirect Auto)
  4. Banco Santander International (Miami, FL):
    • Private Banking
  5. Puerto Rico:
    • Banco Santander Puerto Rico: Retail Banking
    • Santander Financial Services – Consumer Finance
    • Santander Securities – Retail broker-dealer and asset management

Description of general ID services offered

If your company aims to expand into the United States, our dedicated International Desk team will assess your banking needs according to your project, and will provide you with a customized banking solution for your company in coordination with our experienced local team.

  • Local team of experts specialised in International Trade
  • Market Intelligence: country macro view, relevant financial and commercial information; access to Federal, State and Local agencies and organizations fostering foreign Trade and investments; and more
  • Offering you information on Santander products and services to support international expansion
  • Simplifying the account opening process leveraging on our knowledge of your company and your relationship with our bank in other geographies
  • An extensive array of banking product and services customized to your needs in the United States.

ASK ID is a new tool available in 13 countries* where the Santander Bank is present, this allows you to schedule a "virtual meeting" through a video conference or conference call with the representative of International Desk in the country where you are planning to invest/establish your business without having the need to travel to the country of destination.  Your business manager / International Desk Specialist in the country of origin will be responsible for scheduling the virtual meeting and taking you along in the process.

Small briefing of services of local offers to companies

Through the International Desk Network, you can have access to local products and services that will help you improve cash flow, manage risk, and compete more effectively: corporate accounts, cash management services, trade finance solutions, deposits and lending, FX and treasury products. Whether you are an SME looking for your first international opportunity, or a large corporation trading with all corners of the world, Santander is here to provide you with the tools to succeed in the achievement of your domestic and international goals.

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*Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Uruguay, and USA.

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