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Now more than ever, companies doing international business need access to conduct their trade transactions from anywhere through the Internet. To help reduce costs and increase efficiency, Santander Bank, N.A.(“Santander”) offers SovTrade, an online platform to manage all of your international trade activity 24/7.

Import Capabilities

If your company is importing, through SovTrade you can see the details and history of your import transactions at any time. Santander updates the information with scanned images of the documents presented by your supplier and informs you about any discrepancies found on the documents. From the platform, you will have the ability to accept or dismiss these discrepancies online.

Import Letters of Credit

SovTrade enables you to initiate Letters of Credit that Santander will issue on your behalf, for the benefit of your overseas supplier. You can also initiate amendments to existing Letters of Credit, as well as create templates/models for recurrent transactions.

Import Documentary Collections

With SovTrade, you can also access information about the import Documentary Collections that Santander has received from your supplier’s bank. This helps you to keep track of transactions even before you receive the goods.

Export Capabilities

If your company is exporting, you can see the details and history of your export transactions at any time, as well as obtain updated information once the status of a transaction changes.

Export Letters of Credit

With SovTrade, you can see the Letters of Credit that have been issued in your favor by one of your overseas clients. This way, you can ship the goods with the confidence that a Letter of Credit is in place to protect your business.

Export Documentary Collections

If you use Documentary Collections to manage your receivables, you can initiate transactions on SovTrade by creating the cover letter that will be sent to your buyer with the rest of the export documents. The system will automatically create the cover letter with the information that you input, and will keep track of the transaction. You also have the option to select “Discount” on the system to receive financing from Santander for the amount of the collection.

Reporting Capabilities

For your convenience, SovTrade can help you generate reports to keep track of your company’s international activity. Documents such as fee reports, payment reports, or discrepancy reports can be created with the information that matters most to you.

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