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International Desk

International Desk For Investor


International Desk supports you with your investments, helping you to settle smoothly, and accompanies you during your growth process, through:

  • ... customised service, treating you in the country of origin as a known customer from the beginning, with access to a full range of Santander products.
  • ... an offering of specific products and services for foreign investors.
  • ... harmonisation between your relationship managers in each country, with coordinación between account managers in each country and
  • ... access to external contacts of the high-value network that Santander has in each country: law firms, administrative agencies, customs authorities, etc..

Scale of Santander in the market of the country

Banco Santander Brazil has an extensive service network in the country, with some 3,800 branches, 18,000 ATMs, 73 PJ service platforms for (core) clients, over 50,000 employees and specialists spread throughout Brazil.

Description of the general services offered by ID

Foreign companies already established in Brazil, or in the process of establishment, can count on a special service, which translates into significant support and assistance from Banco Santander Brazil on any matter relating to their local banking needs.

ASK ID is a new tool available in 13 countries* where the Santander Bank is present, this allows you to schedule a "virtual meeting" through a video conference or conference call with the representative of International Desk in the country where you are planning to invest/establish your business without having the need to travel to the country of destination.  Your business manager / International Desk Specialist in the country of origin will be responsible for scheduling the virtual meeting and taking you along in the process.

  • Service in various languages
  • Ease of the account opening process
  • Advice on local particularities:
    • Legal and financial establishment
    • Banking regulation
    • Tax framework
  • Business guidelines:
    • Investment incentives
    • Public tenders
    • Forums/commercial events

Banco Santander Brazil has a supply of local products such as Cash (collection, custody), Payroll, Insurance, Acquisitions and variety of products such as Working Capital Loans, Overdraft and Discount of Receivables.

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*Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Uruguay, and USA.