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  • Working Capital: Loan in flexible instalments, with no specific purpose of use - it is not necessary to prove the use of the resources. Ideal for the cash needs of your business in the short, medium and long term.
  • Cheque Company Plus: Cheque Company Plus is a credit line that facilitates the day to day operations of your company and offers 5 days per month without interest, consecutive or alternate, for you to solve any unexpected expenses or even to take advantage of great opportunities
  • Overdraft: Your company has the tranquillity of a revolving line of credit available to use whenever you need.
  • Advance against Receivables: Our terms for advances against receivables available offer your company greater liquidity in sales, anticipating resources from pre-dated cheques1, duplicates1, credit card receivables, and other resources


  • Savings: Savings is a good investment option for your company, as well as providing secure income, relying on our security and soundness
  • CBD: CBD is a fixed income security issued by Banco Santander with with pre-or post-fixed profitability
  • Financial Notes: This is a bond issued by financial institutions for the purpose of raising long-term resources.
  • Investment Fund: Santander Brazil Asset Management, with its team of highly skilled professionals, is responsible for managing these resources, always seeking the best results for their deployment.


  • Agribusiness (SuperAgro): We have a credit line for the financing of tractors, agricultural machinery and trucks, new or used, with the facilities you always wanted
  • Rural Credit: Financing Agricultural Costing, Livestock Costing, and Supply Lines aimed at rural activity
  • Santander Financing Lines and BNDES: Credit for increased production, modernisation of facilities, expansion plans etc..
  • Compror: a credit line in which we finance the cash payment of your suppliers, tailoring it to the best time for your company
  • CDC-I: Financing line to help you finalise your projects or invest in your business
  • Discounts of Duplicates: Use the duplicates issued by your company to provide greater liquidity during the sales period
  • Post-dated Cheque: This advances the funds of post-dated cheques from your company
  • Receivables at sight: Achieves the cash value of sales by credit card at special interest rates
  • Automatic BNDES: Financing of investment projects during implementation, recovery, expansion and modernisation of fixed assets in various sectors of the economy
  • Automatic BNDES: Financing the purchase of new goods (machinery, equipment, trucks and buses) of national production and registered with BNDES
  • BNDES Progeren: Working Capital for the purpose of increasing production, employment and wages
  • CDC and Leasing: These are two ways available to programme the purchase of machinery and equipment. Use this facility to modernise and invest in your company with these two products
  • Resolution 63: The transfer is indexed to the real exchange rate variation plus interest rate. Its use is free of IOF and without concern about a minimum period. Working capital is indexed in foreign currency, usually US dollars
  • Vendor: The Vendor Santander provides bank resources so that your company can make its credit sales and receive the cash amount paid by your clients.


  • Santander Business
  • Visa Vale Voucher
  • Visa Vale Food
  • Visa Vale Christmas Food
  • Flex Car Visa Vale
  • Insurance Assistance


  • Cars: With the Santander Consortium, your company can plan to renovate its vehicles. There are 60 months to pay and we offer one of the lowest rates in the market. There is no interest and no entry. Complete freedom to choose the make and model of the vehicle.
  • Motorcycles: Increase your fleet of bikes, offer faster services and deliver your product before the competition. We help your company to enhance its business with one of the lowest rates in the market.


  • Company Life Protection: Santander Insurance, through its life insurance and personal accident business, guarantees an excellent cost/benefit and a differentiated service according to the size of your business and its personnel
  • Company Secure Life Insurance: Company Secure Life Insurance is a product designed for small and medium businesses. It comprises several choices of covers and services, which ensures the security of your business and the security of your employees
  • Company: Company Insurance aims to protect the assets of your company, regardless of size or the industry that it operates in, by ensuring that, in the event of unforeseen contingencies, its activities are not disadvantaged
  • RD Equipment: Insurance for the protection of equipment, of various types and sizes, which guarantees compensation in cases of accident or theft/robbery
  • Agribusiness: If you take out Santander Agricultural Insurance you will have broad coverage against most events that cause damage to crops, protecting your income and ensuring your ability to pay


With Santander Capitalisation Bonds your company accumulates a reserve which will help in the event of unforeseen and still competes for premiums, which can help in the purchase of machinery, company expansion and increased working capital.


We have the right company pension plans for any company and its financial possibilities.


  • Relationship Channels: Here, with all speed and convenience, we offer the most advanced features for your company to maintain a better relationship with us, either in service channels or in support
  • DDA - Authorised Direct Debit: With our solution for authorised direct debit you can streamline the transactions of your company, gaining more time to focus on generating new business
  • Payment to Suppliers: Santander Payment to Suppliers is a service that takes care of accounts payable of your company, agile, secure and automated, eliminating the transfer of documents in the settlement of your commitments
  • Payment of Taxes and Franchisees: Facilitating the life of your company and assisting with the payment of taxes (federal, state or local) and accounts of authorised franchisees for processing at the bank
  • Payment of property taxes and Licensing: Every start of the year is a rush. Fiscal closure, stocktaking, adjustment with suppliers, among other concerns
  • Charges: Service that takes care of the receipts of your company, enabling full management through Internet Company Banking and Santander SuperCash. An excellent choice for companies that want to reduce costs and maximise control of cash flow
  • Payroll: More than a payroll, the Santander SuperFolha is an innovative solution that integrates the financial area, the HR of your company and the daily lives of its employees. With it, everyone gains in agility, tranquillity and organisation
  • Direct Debit: With this service, water bills, gas, electricity, telephone etc. Are paid automatically from the available balance on the current account of the company, on the due date, with no worries
  • Identified Deposit: Information and precision in time to control your profits: Santander Identified Deposit. Through a code that your company gives to its customer, you can identify who made and when they made a deposit on your current account
  • Collection of Booklets: Santander Collection of Booklets was created for your company to collect all kinds of booklets in a fast and secure manner. It is the most suitable service for municipalities, service companies and utilities
  • Collection of Values: Companies that operate in the retail segment can have the protection in time of having the values of their cash boxes collected by us
  • PAB - Banking Service Post: From not having to go to the bank, your employees win more time. It was thinking about that and other facilities that led to the Banking Service Post

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