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How can I open a Current Account as a foreigner in Banco Santander Chile?

Through an Account Executive of the International Desk making a formal presentation of the client to the ID in the country where the business is to commence. On receipt of the information the specialists will start contractual negotiations to support and guide the client in the process.

Are there Current Accounts in Chile for nonresidents?

No, only current accounts for residents.

What are the steps to set up a company in Chile?

  1. Establish a Company through a public deed
  2. Publish the establishment in the Official Gazette
  3. Register with the Real Estate Regulator
  4. Get a RUT for the Company
  5. Register the start of activities with the Internal Revenue Service (SII)

What are the legal documents necessary for opening a Business Current Account?

  1. Company RUT
  2. Public deed
  3. Publication in the Official Gazette
  4. Registration with the Real Estate Regulator
  5. Launch of activities permitted by the Internal Revenue Service (SII)
  6. RUT of the Shareholders.

Is it possible to perform International Transfers through the Electronic Platform?

Yes, currently have services for Purchase and Sale operations of Foreign Exchange and Transfers in USD.
The service should have been agreed previously by signing the necessary documents at the time of the account opening.

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