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Opening of Accounts

Through the local expertise of Bank of Shanghai, we can offer you different types of account: resident and non-resident, in local and foreign currencies as well as accompany you through the opening process at the regions where Bank of Shanghai is present.

Due to local regulations in China,there are different types of account, such as follows:

  • Basic Account in RMB
  • Capital Account in Foreign Currency
  • Current Account in Foreign Currency
  • FREE Trade Enterprise Account (FTE) in Multi - Currency
  • Free Trade Non Resident account (FTN) in Multi – Currency
  • General Account in RMB
  • Non Residents Account in Foreign Currency
  • Non Residents Account in RMB
  • Special Account in RMB

The services to be provided are dependent on the local regulations and their main purpose of the Companies, International Desk offers you support by guiding you from the very first moment and appointing you to the relevant products and services.

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