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Open an account in Germany

BusinessBasic - Convenient and affordable

The BusinessBasic account offers everything you need to handle your financial processes efficiently and conveniently. It is perfect for all enterprises which are looking for a user- friendly business account with a standard set of features.

Benefits from:

  • Efficient, convenient handling of your financial processes.
  • A User-friendly business account with standard services

CorporateStar - For efficient payment transactions

The CorporateStar account gives you everything you need for the simple and convenient handling of your transactions. This is the first an comfort choice if you have higher payment traffic. Of course, this account can be done with modern EBICS and can be simple integrate into your existing ERP, Treasury or electronic banking solution.

Benefits from:

  • Efficient and easy handling of your transactions in EUR via our EBICS channel
  • Settlement of your SEPA payment orders on a daily basis without expensive express transfer costs
  • Individual billing by transaction
  • Cash management analysis included
  • Individual credit line if required

Resident Accounts

Company documents required:

Extract from the commercial register of the country where the company is registered:

  • Hague apostille
  • Certified translation into English or German

Certificate of entry in the commercial register (From the country of origin):

  • Hague apostille
  • Certified translation into English or German

Articles of association (or equivalent legal document):

  • Hague apostille
  • Certified translation into English or German

Deeds of Authorisation (or equivalent legal document)

Due to regulatory reasons we also need the photocopy of the DNI/Passport of all shareholders or an extract from the register if the shareholder is a juridical person.

Account opening forms

The bank documents are signed in German

ID documents required to directors, shareholders and authorised signatories:

  • Photocopy of the DNI/Passport (also of all proxies).
  • Identity documents of persons representing the company or other proxies.

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Non Resident Accounts

Company documents required:

  • Same requirements as the residents accounts.
  • If any documentation is not available in German or English, it has to be apostilled and translated by an official translator.
  • Confirmation of the respective country that the customer is already a Santander Customer.
  • The banker of the respective country must confirm the legitimation and all needed documents of the customer. He also need to certificate that the client is already a customer of the Santander group.

Additional Information:

Person responsible for the receipt of documents and supplementation of the file.
The business officer of the Branch/Office of santander Germany will be responsible for receiving the documents and signed company forms.

Time (days) in which the account is operational
Max. 1 business days assuming we have all clients documentation and it has been properly signed.

Do you required a local proxy?

Does the signature of the opening contract require physical presence?
Yes, in exceptional cases, the alternative is to sign the contract in a Santander branch and the responsible banker there needs to certificate the legitimation.

Foreign currency current accounts:

Available currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, MXN, CHF, PLN and CNH

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