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International Desk

International Desk

The Santander Group’s footprint has a great potential for corporate businesses reaching out for international opportunities. Santander Group, a paragon of business internationalization and diversification, offers to share its expertise with clients by developing the International Desk Program, a service approach designed for clients who want to expand their Business into foreign markets.

ASK ID is a new tool available in 13 countries* where the Santander Bank is present, this allows you to schedule a "virtual meeting" through a video conference or conference call with the representative of International Desk in the country where you are planning to invest/establish your business without having the need to travel to the country of destination.  Your business manager / International Desk Specialist in the country of origin will be responsible for scheduling the virtual meeting and taking you along in the process.

Santander Bank Polska is a long-established and well-capitalized bank. Our strong and respected banking credentials have been built on the back of sustained success and performance over many years, and we pride ourselves on the robust health of our organization. Now, as part of Santander Group, we can provide global strength and coverage. This, combined with our “local” approach to doing business with our customers, positions us strongly as one of the leading Polish business banks.

We look forward to working with you and support your expansion on the Polish market. Through our locally based International Desk that works closely with other International Desks within Santander global network, we are at your disposal for all the financial issues related to your business in Poland. It’s an ideal contact point for international customers, where our dedicated English and Spanish speaking staff is ready to advise you best solutions for your local and cross-border banking needs.

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*Countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Uruguay, and USA.