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Are there any restrictions on opening a foreign currency account?

No. We have available the currencies EUR, AUD, CAD, DKK, SEK, NOK, JPY, NZD, CAD, CHF, GBP, USD, PLN, MXN.

Can I open an account in Portugal as a Non Resident?

Yes. You have to comply with all legal regulations in force in Portugal.

I have opened a branch in Portugal. Are there any restrictions on transfers of funds to the parent company?


I want to open an account with Santander Totta, what do I need to do?

Go to a counter of Santander Totta and take the following documents: Civil Identification Document, Proof of Main Dwelling, Proof of Profession and Employer, Tax Identification Number. The documents should be signed at the counter that I go to.

What type of transactions can I perform through Netbanco?

All kinds of international access and transfers individually or by batch. You can also check all documentary operations you have with the Bank.

Is Santander Totta part of the IBOS Association?

Yes. IBOS transactions are a set of international accesses and automatic transfers via SWIFT with priority and a guaranteed service between the IBOS Association of Banks. The opening of accounts in IBOS banks is performed in a fast, secure and simplified form from our group in Portugal, where we have the documentation required.

How can I cover my currency risks?

Banco Santander Totta offers a set of currency coverages so that you can check with your account manager to find out which is most suitable for each commercial transaction.

What should I do if I have to a bank guarantee abroad?

You must first make sure of the terms in which the guarantee is to be issued, clearly defining the nature. For example, Payment Guarantee, Guarantee of Good Execution, etc.. Then you should check with your account manager.

What are my options for financing exports?

There are several ways to anticipate your export revenue. See the Guide to Financing.

I want to export. What are the products that allow me to do so safely?

The safest way to do this safely is through a letter of credit preferably confirmed by the exporter's bank. See also the Guide to Financing.

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