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Local services of Santander Spain

BANCO SANTANDER ESPAÑA, as the leading bank in the Spanish financial system, has a wide network of offices throughout the territory of Spain and offers all banking services available in the local market, and others provided by the international banks of the Group.

We summarise below (without being exhaustive) the local products and services of Banco Santander España:

Current accounts in Euros, convertible currencies and other exotic currencies, Liability products: financial applications in Euros and other currencies, mutual funds, etc..

Portfolio services: custody and administration of shares and other securities

Asset products for short, medium and long term domestic business

  • Discount shopping
  • Factoring y Confirming ®
  • Working capital policies
  • Internal loans and lines of intermediation (ICO, EIB, etc..)
  • Leasing and Renting
  • Structured funders and Project Finance
  • Etc.

Asset products of international business

  • Discount for exports
  • Import financing
  • Documentary credits and guarantees
  • Factoring and Confirming ®
  • Etc.

Collection and domestic payments services

  • Individual receipts domiciled (books 58, 32 and 19) or for consignment
  • Cheques and notes
  • Payroll individually or by batch
  • Payment of taxes and social insurance
  • Payments to individual suppliers or by consignment
  • Factoring and Confirming ®
  • POS Point of Sale (physical and virtual)
  • Etc.

Treasury management services (domestic and international)

Corporate debit and credit cards

Electronic Banking - Supernet of Enterprises - fully functional (only in Spanish)

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