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Is it possible to give the company access and transaction passwords to use Electronic Banking from abroad?


If so, what is the process for agreeing and receiving passwords?

Application - the service is requested at the branch assigned

Resident Companies:

  • The proxies will sign the contract for concession and the definition of access within the established powers

Non-Resident Companies:

  • The branch will send the concession contract for the Electronic Banking service, by courier, to be signed by the proxies. The original of the signed contract will be sent by courier to the branch.

Getting passwords

  • Resident Companies:
    • The proxies will be personally given the passwords to operate Electronic Banking by mail
  • Non-Resident Companies:
    • The branch must personally deliver the passwords to the proxies or use an encrypted delivery system for each foreign client
    • The proxies and the company directors will sign an acknowledgment of receipt of the encrypted password, on receipt
    • Sending the signed receipt to the branch by courier

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