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In this page: Customs procedures for export in Chile | Organize a transportation of goods to and from Chile


Customs procedures for export in Chile

Customs Procedures

Products prohibited from export include narcotics and illegal drugs. Certain sensitive products require authorization, such as copper and some agricultural products, which are subject to seasonal restrictions. In addition, certain items are prohibited on all international destinations unless otherwise indicated, such as human limbs, embryos, explosives, firearms, obscene material, polluting waste, etc..
Export Taxes
Exports are not subject to customs duties or VAT.
Export Clearance
All goods leaving Chile must be cleared by the customs office. An export declaration must be submitted to the customs. If the value of the goods exceeds USD 1,000, the exporter must submit a DUS (Documento Unico Salida) or an embarkation order.

In order to comply with international agreements and to collect statistics, an export license may be required, and for the export of certain goods the exporter must obtain government permission to export before departure. Goods subject to this type of control include firearms and other weapons, narcotics and psychotropes, plus goods subject to CITES.
A phytosanitary certificate is required prior to exporting any agricultural
products (wood, wine, raisins).

Further details are available on the Chilenian Customs website.
Necessary Declaration
Exporting certain products requires an export licence, as well as phytosanitary ceftificates and quality control certificates for products subjects to health services control (Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública), agricultural products (Servicio Agricola y Ganadero, SAG) and fish (Servicio Nacional de Pesca, SERNAP).

The Department of Defense (Ministerio de Defensa Nacional de Chile) is responsible for exports of commercial goods that may have military applications (dual-use). The application of licenses depends on, among other factors, the technical features of the product, its destination, end-use and end-user. Controled products include chemicals, fish and endangered wildlife, defense services and articles, weapons and ammunition, nuclear materials, equipment and technology, fuels, medicines and medical devices.


Controlling the Quality of the Products

Quality Control Organizations
Servicio Agricola y Ganadero
Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública
Servicio Nacional de Pesca

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Organize a transportation of goods to and from Chile

Main Useful Means of Transport
Seaports are the most important points of entry for merchandise entering Chile. The domestic movement of goods is carried out almost exclusiviley by road. The transportation of goods by rail and aiplane is not very developed and used sparingly. Logistics operations in the country have been modernised, and many new distribution centres and warehouses have been built.
The length of the railway network in service is 4,300 km, while the road network is estimated at 77,801 km. Chile has 52 ports along its coastline, including Easter Island and the Antarctic zone.

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By Air

Santiago Airport
Transport Professionals
Latam Logistics
LAN Cargo
Terra Cargo

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By Rail

Transport Professionals
Ferrocarril del Pacífico (FEPASA)
Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado
Government Transport Organisations
Chilean Ministry of Transport

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