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In this page: Packaging and labelling regulation in India | Commercial and industrial norms in India


Packaging and labelling regulation in India

All pre-packaged commodities imported into India must carry the following declarations on the label:
- name and address of the importer,
- generic or common name of the commodity packed,
- net quantity in terms of standard unit of weights and measurement,
- month and year of packing in which the commodity is manufactured, packed or imported,
- the maximum retail sales price (MRP) at which the commodity in packaged form may be sold to the end consumer.
Languages Permitted on Packaging and Labeling
English and/or Hindi.
Unit of Measurement
All imported goods as well as transport documents must show standard units of measurement and weight.
Mark of Origin "Made In"
Not mandatory, except in the case of foodstuffs and drinks and also where preferential import duties are claimed.
Labeling Requirements
The packaging and labeling requirements for packaged food products is laid down in the Part VII of the Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Rules, 1955, and the Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules of 1977.
Specific Regulations

In specific cases, the product label also has to contain:

  • The purpose of irradiation and license number in case of irradiated food
  • Extraneous addition of coloring material
  • Non-vegetarian food – must have a symbol of a brown color-filled circle inside a brown square outline prominently displayed on the package
  • Vegetarian food must have a similar symbol of green color-filled circle inside a square with a green outline prominently displayed

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Commercial and industrial norms in India

National Standards Organisations
Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) - Earlier called as Indian Standards Institute (ISI)
Integration in the International Standards Network
The BIS is a founder member of the International Standard organization (ISO) and of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

For more details consult the Bureau of Indian Standards website.

Obligation to Use Standards
Although the standards proposed by the BIS are 'voluntary' in nature and are not at all mandatory, the Government of India has enforced mandatory certification on various products.

For the list of items brought under mandatory certification please consult the website of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Classification of Standards
The symbol of the standard is ISI. Every ISI mark has a fixed format that carries the Indian Standard number on top of the mark based on the type of product.
Assessment of the System of Standardization
Certification by the BIS is highly regarded in India, and it can increase the sales potential in this market.

Click here for ‘Procedure for Granting BIS Certification'

Online Consultation of Standards
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
Certification Organisations
Quality Council of India

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