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In this page: Packaging and labelling regulation in Spain | Commercial and industrial norms in Spain


Packaging and labelling regulation in Spain

It must be in accordance with the European legislation on the prevention of risks to the consumers' health and on environment protection and particularly relating to waste treatment. Packages in wood or plant material can be subjected to a phytosanitary check.
For further information, refer a summary of the European legislation on this subject.
Languages Permitted on Packaging and Labeling

All the essential information on the product must be labeled or counter-labeled in Spanish (+ other joint official languages, potentially for commercial reasons).

Unit of Measurement
It is compulsory to use the Metric system
Mark of Origin "Made In"
Compulsory and is checked by the Customs department
Labeling Requirements
Consumption age for alcohol, colorants, standards, etc. In addition to EU's mandatory and voluntary schemes, national voluntary labeling schemes, often appreciated by consumers, might apply.
Specific Regulations
The European legislation provides for special labelling rules for certain products such as food, household appliances, sportswear, textiles, etc. Cigarettes, electrical products, drugs, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, fertilizers and fungicides, firearms, motor vehicles, tires and tubes are subject to specific regulations.

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Commercial and industrial norms in Spain

Integration in the International Standards Network
At European level:
- European Committee for Standardization (CEN)
- European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC)
- European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI)

At the international level:
- International Standard Organization (ISO)
- International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
- International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Obligation to Use Standards
Obligatory. Products are subject to the European Union's legislation (General product safety Directive, technical legislation) as well as to the national Spanish legislation.
Classification of Standards
UNE, national certification mark.
CE, European certification mark.
Assessment of the System of Standardization
Spanish consumers are particularly standard-conscious since standards grants the quality and safety of products and give them information about their features.
Online Consultation of Standards
The catalog of Spanish standards
The catalog of European standards
The ISO catalog
The IEC catalog
Certification Organisations
Accredited certification companies

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