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In this page: The industrial profile of Argentina


The industrial profile of Argentina

Type of Production
For the resources for businesses on managing the manufacturing and the supply chain risk due to the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic, please consult the report COVID-19: Managing supply chain risk and disruption (Deloitte Canada, 2020), as well as the insights on COVID-19: How to fortify your supply chain (Kearney, 2020).
The World Economic Forum's COVID Action Platform provides useful information on the latest strategic trends regarding COVID-19 implications for businesses, including manufacturing and supply systems. The report Outbreak Readiness and Business Impact (World Economic Forum in collaboration with the Harvard Global Health Institute) offers insights on handling coronavirus by businesses and strategies for effective response and resilience.

Industry constitutes under 23.1% of GDP (World Bank). Leading sectors include food processing, automotive, refinery products, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, steel and aluminium, machinery, electronics and home appliances.

Professional Associations by Sector
64 professional associations listed for Argentina.

Type of Manufacturers

Sub-contracting in Argentina can be very uncertain. Many SMEs have appeared over the last few years. They are under-equipped and do not have qualified personnel. They do not respect schedules, they have problems of quality, but they do not hesitate to respond to all types of tenders. Local sub-contracting is always possible thanks to Argentine ingenuity. However, they are not competitive internationally.
Useful Resources
Argentinian Union of the State's Suppliers

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