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Blacklisted Companies and Vessels

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Blacklisted Companies and Vessels

Verify if a company, a financial institution, an individual or a vessel is on an official list of entities sanctioned or banned from undertaking commercial transactions by the European Union, the United Nations and a number of governments.

This database is comprised of more than 700 lists provided by administrative authorities. It does not contain details of organisations placed under surveillance by private companies such as Lloyds (UK).


This service is built around a pure text search, which aims to identify sanctioned entities with names that contain the text entered by the user. Variant spellings of a single entity that are not included in the database will not be included in any results generated.

No liability will be accepted in respect of decisions taken or omissions that may occur on the basis of this content. Users are invited to study every element provided or to seek advice from competent bodies before taking any decisions.

32 entities identified

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