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The industrial profile of South Korea

Type of Production
The manufacturing sector constitutes nearly 25.4% of Korean GDP, while the service sector comprises around 56.8%. Korea's main industrial activity sectors are textile, steel industry, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding and electronics (semiconductors, mobile phones, TVs, etc).
Professional Associations by Sector
65 professional associations listed for South Korea.

Type of Manufacturers

Most of big groups like Hyundai, Samsung and LG depend largely on their subcontractors. To survive in the international market, these big groups demand higher quality and innovation from their subcontractors.

Meanwhile, the unjust practices of these big groups towards subcontractors became a social issue. Therefore, the Fair Trade Commission (FTC) reinforces the inspection on the unfair subcontract transactions and orders corrective measures to defray unpaid subcontract payments, etc.

Useful Resources
Korea Auto Industries Coop. Association

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