Herramientas y recursos para ayudar a tu empresa a expandirse globalmente

Payables and receivables

Santander Bank, N.A. (“Santander”) offers your company a wide range of products to process your international payments and collections.

International Wires

Companies use international wires when the transaction is arranged as Open Account or Cash in Advance. You can initiate wire transfers over the phone through Santander’s Wire Room, through the Internet with Santander’s online platform, or at any of Santander’s 720 branches in the Northeast U.S.


In some countries, it is still common for companies to deliver payment with checks. For international trade payments, this method will only be used when the sales contract has Open Account or Cash in Advance terms.

Import and Export Documentary Collections

Santander can efficiently process your company’s import and export Documentary Collections, offering you the option to initiate transactions online as well as to keep track of your past transactions.

Import and Export Letters of Credit

If you decide to use a Letter of Credit for your import or export transactions, Santander can issue and advise Letters of Credit on your behalf to make your international transactions more secure. You can initiate and amend Letters of Credit online as well as keep track of your past transactions.

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