Herramientas y recursos para ayudar a tu empresa a expandirse globalmente

Risk Management Solutions

At Santander we understand the risks you face when trading overseas. That’s why we have a range of solutions designed to shield you from influences beyond your control. Find out here how you can mitigate risk to allow your business to grow internationally with confidence.

Foreign Exchange Risk

When buying or selling in another currency you are exposed to currency risk or foreign exchange risk as the price of one currency against another fluctuates. Foreign exchange risk requires active monitoring and management. Working with you we can develop a strategy that meets your business needs. We can offer a broad range of solutions including spot, forward and currency options.

Interest Rates Risk

Exposure to interest rate fluctuations is one of the biggest financial risks faced by corporate organisations in an uncertain economic environment. Our specialised team can help you manage your interest rate risk. We offer a variety of solutions to fit your business requirements: from simple fixed rate loans which provide certainty of cash flows to more flexible products that allow you to manage cash flows without having to lose the benefits of potential rate decreases. We can also structure more complex solutions employing a range of hedging strategies from swaps to more structured derivatives.

Country and Political Risk

Currency exchange controls, currency devaluation, regulatory changes, riots, civil war are just some of the risks that you need to consider when trading overseas. The effect of political decisions can also have impacts on how and where you trade. At Santander, we know that these are important factors and we can discuss with you a range of ways in which these risks can be reduced or mitigated completely.

Financial and Performance Risks

Letters of Credit

If you are importing goods from the other side of the world and you need peace of mind that you will receive them at the correct place, at the correct time and to the correct specification then a letter of credit is the answer.

As an exporter receiving a letter of credit you have the comfort that when you provide evidence that you have shipped your goods to the correct destination, at the correct time and to the correct specification then you will be paid.

Bonds and Guarantees

Bonds and guarantees (and Standby Letters of Credit) can be issued by Santander to underwrite many financial and performance related risks. So whether you are tendering for a domestic or overseas contract or entering into a contract where you require an advance payment from your supplier, we can issue the appropriate bond or guarantee. In addition to the above, there are a large number of different situations where a bank guarantee or bond might be required such as deferring payment of Import Duty to HM Revenue & Customs. We have all the necessary expertise to ensure we can address your Bonds & Guarantees needs.

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