Herramientas y recursos para ayudar a tu empresa a expandirse globalmente

Funding Solutions

Business expansion often means there are additional funding requirements. Our international funding solutions can help to accelerate your access to the cash tied up in the trade cycle and to mitigate many of the risks associated with trading overseas.

Letters of Credit

If you are importing goods from the other side of the world and you need peace of mind that you will receive them at the correct place, at the correct time and to the correct specification then a letter of credit is the answer.

As an exporter receiving a letter of credit you have the comfort that when you provide evidence that you have shipped your goods to the correct destination, at the correct time and to the correct specification then you will be paid.

Trade Loans

Our trade loans are linked to individual trade transactions and can also be connected with trade services such as Letters of Credit. They provide finance and cover trade related cashflow requirements.

So if you are importing and need to pay suppliers ahead of cash receipts from the sale of your goods to your end buyers, we have the funding solutions to help you. This will allow you flexibility to more easily meet suppliers required payment terms or potentially enable you to negotiate more favourable purchase terms with your suppliers.

If you are exporting, we can provide both pre and post export (shipment) funding so that you have the cash when you need it to meet your order book commitments.

Import Loans

Importing is a primary requirement for many trading companies. But this can result in a cash requirement to make payments to the overseas supplier in advance of receiving payment from the end-buyer or receipt of funds from an invoice financing arrangement. Import Loans can be very helpful in these situations. Our ability to look into your transaction flows can in many situations enable us to leverage the inherent value in the goods themselves to provide added support and help free-up any of your traditional bank finance lines; and so reduces any cashflow pressures that might otherwise build up.

Pre and Post-Export Loans

Santander UK is playing a significant role in the UK to promote UK exports and to encourage UK companies to consider exporting. We recognise though that this can result in a need for additional cashflow. So whether you require finance to support the manufacture of goods to fulfil an order from an overseas buyer, or need to accommodate an extended term before you receive payment from your overseas buyer, perhaps due to the time it takes to ship the goods or to because of local transaction settlement practices, we have export trade finance solutions to help.

Managing the Trade Cycle

We understand that our customers may require an import related funding solution that extends right through to receipt of payment from the end buyer. We have therefore developed a truly end-to-end approach to link together the benefits of trade finance and invoice finance. Invoice Finance provides a timely injection of cash just when you need it at the time you raise the invoice and closes any funding gap that might otherwise be created by settlement of your import commitments.

Reducing working capital tied up in trade with Supply Chain Finance solutions


With international trade, the time taken to receive payment from customers may be greatly extended, due to shipping timescales and other factors. At the same time, raising cash to pay for goods and services can put pressure on your finances. Our Supply Chain Finance solutions are individually tailored to answer these problems.


Improve settlement terms to suppliers to take advantage of discounts offered with Supplier Payments, when you inform us that your supplier’s invoice is approved for payment we alert your supplier. The supplier can then choose to receive the payment, in line with their agreed terms with you, or receive an early payment from Santander for a small discount - paid for by your supplier. As well as reducing the cost of working capital, Supplier Payments helps your suppliers to reduce their exposure to the risk of non payment of invoices and therefore their requirement for credit insurance etc. is reduced. You can benefit from reduced working capital or by negotiating trade discounts for prompt payment. The idea is simple and the solution flexible.

Invoice management solutions

Santander Invoice Finance can give your business a timely cash injection by releasing the money tied up in your outstanding sales invoices. You benefit from instant access to an ongoing supply of capital that is linked to your sales - so your funding is directly linked to the performance of your business.

As you raise an invoice and send it to us, we'll typically release up to 85% of the value of that invoice within 24 hours. The remaining value, less a small service fee, will be paid to you once your customer pays.

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