Recursos e ferramentas para ajudar sua empresa a expandir globalmente

Local International Desk

Santander Group offers a great potential for companies and corporations interested in international business opportunities. As a model of successful business diversification and internationalization, the Bank wants to share its experience and knowledge with clients through the development of the International Desk program - created for clients who want to develop their business activities on foreign markets. Due to the membership of the Santander Group, we can offer our clients access to new markets and support in the process of international expansion in all countries in which the Santander Group has presence.

The International Desk acquires and coordinates relations with international clients within Santander Bank Polska and the Santander Group. He is also responsible for cooperation with the International Desk in other countries where Santander is present. Corridor managers actively help in supporting advisers, among others in the following areas: using relations with strategic partners, preparing an offer for foreign companies, initiating contact with a foreign bank or coordinating activities between Poland and the mother company. For detailed information on each corridor, please contact the manager of the corridor.

What do we do for foreign clients?

  • We help in the initial formalities related to opening an account
  • We coordinate the process of signing documentation in the European Union
  • We support in obtaining financing also on mother lines in another country of the Group

What do we do for Polish clients planning foreign expansion?

  • We initiate account opening abroad (simplified procedures)
  • We help in the first contact with a foreign bank
  • We obtain information about the country and business opportunities
  • We support the availability of financing abroad on mother lines
  • We arrange teleconferences / meetings with a foreign bank in countries where the client of Santander Bank Polska is interested

Germany / Austria / Switzerland / Netherlands

Agnieszka Schutte
Corridor Manager
22 534 1766 | 510 003 929

Andrzej Broszkiewicz
International Banking Director
510 001 129


Adam Styś
Corridor Manager
22 586 8164 | 665 616 066

Scandinavia / Italy

Maciej Szczepkowski
Corridor Manager
510 027 524


Magdalena Kusa
Corridor Manager
887 845 707

Director of the International Banking Office

Małgorzata Demidziuk
601 958 455

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